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Washington Fire RSS page artRSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds offer another way to get The Daily Climate's content.

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Our feeds

Top climate stories - Best three stories of the day, handpicked by Daily Climate editors

Today's news - All the climate news stories we aggregate daily, 50 to 80 pieces each day.

Opinion - Today's opinions published by media outlets worldwide

Editorials - Today's editorials published by media outlets worldwide


Feeds by topic

Causes - Stories about the drivers, or forcing, behind climate change and global warming 

Coal - Debate over the use, impacts and future of coal-powered energy

Consequences - Stories about the impacts and consequences of climate change. Within consequences, we also offer several subcategories dealing with specific impacts:

Acidification - Impacts and consequences of the Earth's acidifying ocean

Adaptation - Society's efforts to adapt to climate change impacts 

Disease - Health and disease impacts related to climate change

Extreme weather - Impacts and science of extreme weather driven by global warming 

Sea-level rise - The rise of global sea levels as a result of climate change

Economics - The economics behind impacts, mitigation efforts and the political discussion related to climate change 

Energy - Climate-related stories about the development of energy resources

Politics - The political and societal debate over how to address climate change 

Science - The science of climate change

Solutions - Efforts to mitigate or reduce the pace of global warming

United Nations - Stories about the UN's global climate talks


Photo of the 2014 Carlton Complex Fire in Central Washington state courtesy Jason Kriess/Washington National Guard.

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