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Today's climate change news from around the world
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State not ready for 'climate refugees.' Researchers Thursday predicted a flood of new residents driven north by heat waves, fires and other calamitous effects of global warming. The warming is expected to exacerbate health problems caused by air pollution -- including deaths. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. 13 February 2009
An escape shelter for endangered Alaskan village. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has warned that Newtok, a Yup’ik village 500 miles west of Anchorage, has less than 10 years left. Many blame global warming for the erosion — the Ninglick River has rapidly consumed much of the land around Newtok. Dutch Harbor Fisherman. 13 February 2009
Britain should prepare for massive loss of landmass, warn engineers. Ministers should prepare the British people to "adapt" in the longer term to a landscape devastated by climate change, including the possible abandonment of parts of London and East Anglia, a leading industry body warns today . London Guardian. 13 February 2009
UK's ex-science chief predicts century of 'resource' wars. Sir David King predicts that with population growth, natural resources dwindling, and seas rising due to climate change, the squeeze on the planet will lead to more conflict. London Guardian. 13 February 2009
Nations must 'act now' on climate change. Countries must begin adapting to the effects of climate change as a matter of urgency or face serious effects from global warming, a leading industry group warned on Thursday. London Financial Times. 13 February 2009
Australian authorities 'arsonists': Germaine Greer. Germaine Greer has joined the call for reform of Australia's fire management systems, arguing that it is "useless looking for arsonists" as the blame for Victoria's bushfires lies with "governments and administrators". Sydney Morning Herald. 13 February 2009
Experts take corners as argument reignites. As the blame game that accompanies every major bushfire gathered pace yesterday, opinions about hazard reduction burning remained as polarised as ever. Sydney Morning Herald. 13 February 2009
Fisheries worldwide threatened by climate change. Many commercial fish stocks will likely shift their distributions dramatically as species respond to changes in ocean climate over the next 4 decades, according to a new global analysis. Science. 13 February 2009
Climate report has bleak outlook. More people likely will die from heat waves and poor air quality in the Puget Sound region in the years ahead, the result of climate change, according to a report by the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group. Olympia Olympian. 12 February 2009
Scottish ski industry could disappear due to global warming, warns Met Office. The country's five resorts are currently enjoying exceptional conditions after heavy snowfall in the Highlands, but climate change may mean they have less than 50 years of ski-ing left. London Daily Telegraph. 11 February 2009
Climate change to wallop state. Washington's energy system is in for a double whammy from global warming, as rising demand for power-sucking air conditioners couples with a significant loss of summertime production from the region's hydroelectric dams, according to a new University of Washington study. Seattle Times. 11 February 2009
Climate change to have many impacts on Washington state. During the next 50 years, climate change will have a dramatic impact on Washington state according to a new report from scientists across the region. Associated Press. 11 February 2009
Shrinking water supplies imperil farmers. Dwindling water supplies are compounding economic woes in California's Central Valley, causing farmers to leave fields fallow and confront the prospect of going under. Wall Street Journal. 10 February 2009
Humans could provide spark that ignites Amazon. In one of the most extreme climate change scenarios, a blistering drought will dry up the Amazon forest, which will ignite and burn away, leaving the world's rain patterns disrupted. New Scientist. 10 February 2009
Australia fires point to risks of shifting population. The wildfires that have so far claimed more than 170 lives in Australia highlight the vulnerabilities in countries where populations are spilling into rural areas already under stress from sometimes extreme weather conditions. Wall Street Journal. 10 February 2009
Skiing is 'doomed' -- so enjoy it while it lasts. Scotland may be blanketed in snow this week, but the ski industry is doomed to disappear within decades, a leading climate expert has warned. Edinburgh Scotsman. 10 February 2009
Climate change adaptation. A two-year project - a partnership between Ecology North and the Tlicho government and communities - is underway to get Tlicho communities ready for climate change. Northern News Services. 10 February 2009
'Climate change' brings extreme weather. Climate change experts have warned that severe weather events are likely to occur more often in Australia as global warming continues. Australian Associated Press. 10 February 2009
Global warming could spark more deadly fires in Australia, expert warns. Mr. Gould, the research leader for bushfire dynamics with Australia's national science agency, cautions that it is still too early to finger global warming as the sole cause underpinning the devastation in Australia. Toronto Globe and Mail. 10 February 2009
With rains missing, wheat production likely to fall. Some call it as an impact of global warming, others describe it as vagaries of weather. But in any case, temperatures this winter, barring the first week of January, have constantly been 2-3 degrees above the normal in the state so far. New Delhi Times of India. 10 February 2009
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