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Post How safe is Widows Creek?
Waste ponds at TVA's Widows Creek steam plant sit over limestone formations that could allow toxic heavy metals to contaminate groundwater, say geological and environmental experts.
Post Pace of climate change exceeds estimates.
The pace of global warming is likely to be much faster than recent predictions, because industrial greenhouse gas emissions have increased more quickly than expected and higher temperatures are triggering self-reinforcing feedback mechanisms in global ecosystems.
Post Is America ready to quit coal?
With concerns over climate change intensifying, electricity generation from coal, once reliably cheap, looks increasingly expensive.
Post Water agencies debate desalination.
Is it time to stick a straw into the Pacific Ocean? About 20 water agencies up and down the California coast seem to think so.
Post Leasing decision met with criticism.
Environmentalists cheered, but oil industry groups expressed disappointment at this week’s decision by the Interior Department to abandon the Bush administration’s accelerated offshore leasing program.
Post Behind the Big Dry.
Scientists are struggling to understand the climatic conditions behind the unusually severe drought that has wreaked havoc on southeastern Australia. New research suggests the answer might lie in the Indian Ocean.
Post Warning of wildfire threat to tropical forests as planet heats up.
Tropical forests may dry out and become vulnerable to devastating wildfires as global warming accelerates, Chris Field, co-chair of the UN's Nobel prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, warned Saturday.
Post Did climate kill off the Neanderthals?
Climate change, we're told, poses the single gravest threat to the survival of our species. And if the experience of our ancient relatives the Neanderthals is anything to go by, we should take note of the warnings.
Post Team will study global warming.
Britain’s leading polar explorers fly to Canada tomorrow for the first leg of the Catlin Arctic Survey where they will record the depth of the shrinking Arctic ice cap, providing conclusive evidence of the damage global warming has caused the planet.
Post Covered in ice.
In November, a new Pennsylvania organization initiated its first program called IceWatch USA, modeled after the Canadian Government's IceWatch Canada, to collect information regarding ice coverage on America's waterways, snow and rain amounts, air temperature, and winter wildlife.
Post Lessons from the ashes.
Expert advice concluded that the government had a window of only about 10 to 12 days each year in which to safely conduct fuel reduction burns. It needs to be cool enough, with benign winds, the correct humidity and conducted when the forest is not too wet and not too dry.
Post Climate change even worse than predicted: Expert.
It seems the dire warnings about the oncoming devastation wrought by global warming were not dire enough, a top climate scientist warned Saturday.
Post Global warming 'underestimated'.
The severity of global warming over the next century will be much worse than previously believed, a leading climate scientist has warned.
Post Climate change will be more devastating than predicted, top scientist warns.
Global warming is likely to accelerate at a much faster pace and cause more environmental damage than previously anticipated, said Professor Chris Field, of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Post Global warming seen worse than predicted.
The climate is heating up far faster than scientists had predicted, spurred by sharp increases in greenhouse gas emissions from developing countries like China and India, a top climate scientist said on Saturday.
Post Global temperatures set to soar.
Humanity may face global temperature rises of 3C-4C because greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are increasing so rapidly, scientists have warned.
Post Climate change may be more devastating than thought.
Accelerated global warming could ignite tropical forests and melt the Arctic tundra, releasing billions of tons of greenhouse gas that could raise global temperatures even more, a member of the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned.
Post Bringing wind turbines to ordinary rooftops.
Wind turbines typically spin from tall towers on hills and plains. But in these green times, some companies hope smaller turbines will soon rise above a more domestic spot: homes and garages.
Post Painting the town white.
Arthur Rosenfeld, California's energy commissioner, has come up with a bright idea: he wants to paint the town white – or at least, the roofs and roads - to help cool the planet.
Post Eco-friendly technology could boost local businesses.
Even as companies are laying off employees, experts say gears are in motion to put them back to work in new "green-collar" jobs.
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