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Today's climate change news from around the world
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Faith and Environment

Archbishop seeks moral leadership on global warming. Archbishop Moxon of the Anglican Church in New Zealand says there is a need to make lifestyle changes and alter travel habits, as well as promote eco-friendly congregations and environmental projects. Radio New Zealand. 08 February 2009
Canadian bishop slams oil sands development. The bishop joins a growing chorus of environmentalists worldwide who have become increasingly wary of the environmental costs of oil sands production. Reuters. 28 January 2009
Alberta Bishop calls for halt on oilsands growth. The bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese that covers Fort McMurray has waded into the environmental debate over the oilsands, arguing future development there "constitutes a serious moral problem" and goes against God's teachings. Calgary Herald. 28 January 2009
Bishop open to talks on oilsands. The Catholic bishop whose faith-based criticism of oilsands development has garnered attention across the country said he will listen to what the industry has to say, but doubts it will change his mind. Calgary Herald. 28 January 2009
Bishop questions morality of oilsands development. The Roman Catholic bishop for the region around Alberta's massive oilsands projects is questioning the "moral legitimacy" of their rapid development, saying their destructive effect on the environment is against God's plan for the earth. Canadian Press. 27 January 2009
Rapid development of Alberta oil sands can't be 'morally justified,' bishop writes. The oil sands, hated by environmentalists and buffeted by plunging oil prices, now face the opposition of a representative of a higher power. Toronto Globe and Mail. 27 January 2009
Coal-fired power plants branded 'toxic Christmas present'. New coal-fired power plants are a "black and toxic Christmas present", Christian Aid said this week. Christian Today. 25 December 2008
Chime for a change. The computer that plays the bells at the Central Square Congregational Church in Bridgewater, MA is not broken. The church will be ringing the bells 350 times on Dec. 14 to send a message about global warming. Gatehouse News Service. 13 December 2008
Green mission. Churches and temples across the northwestern suburbs of Boston are taking a greenness-is-next-to-godliness approach to their sanctuaries, emphasizing environmentally friendly construction. Boston Globe. 07 December 2008
Church of St. John to ring bells 350 times Sunday. Church of St. John the Evangelist, Episcopal Church will ring bells 350 times on Sunday, to call for the end to climate warming. The parish is one of the New England Episcopal churches that have joined, a coalition for ending climate change. Mansfield News. 06 December 2008
Religions awakening to environmentalism. Small-scale religious interest in the environment mirrors a growing awakening of sorts in some religious communities. Poughkeepsie Journal. 01 December 2008
Faith leaders urge climate curbs. Leaders from the world's religious traditions have signed a manifesto urging tough action on climate change. BBC. 29 November 2008
Bishop of Birmingham David Urquhart spreads the 'green gospel.' City Christians are willing to think about everything from the coffee they drink to the gifts they consume – all in the name of the planet. Birmingham Post. 24 November 2008
Gujarat village performs 'yagna' to beat meltdown. Around 3,000 priests from across the country are performing a two-year long ‘yagna' at Ramosana to seek divine intervention for the global crises. New Delhi Times of India. 24 November 2008
Churches heading down green path. First Congregational, is only one of several Central Massachusetts churches — of all denominations — that have become increasingly involved in educating their members to become more conscious of the environment. Worcester Telegram & Gazette. 24 November 2008
At a New York seminary, a green idea gets tangled in red tape. A geothermal energy plan to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions has been continually delayed by a four-year siege of red tape. New York Times. 22 November 2008
At local churches, bells toll for environment. Church bells over the weekend and next week will ring 350 times all across Beverly and the world — and it has nothing to do with services. Rather, it's an international, interfaith effort to raise awareness about the environmental state of our planet. Salem Gazette. 21 November 2008
Interfaith climate summit will be held in Sweden. Leaders and opinion-makers from different religious groups will meet in Uppsala in Sweden on 28th and 29th this month to discuss climate change issues, thanks to the efforts of Anders Wejryd, Archbishop of Church of Sweden. People's Daily. 14 November 2008
Group encourages local churches to focus on energy conservation. A growing interfaith movement, touted as "a religious response to global warming," strengthens the connection between church and environmental stewardship. Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. 12 November 2008
Climate tops meeting of religious leader. Climate issues, including how to tackle global warming, were to top discussions at a gathering of some 30 religious leaders and policy-makers from various faiths of the world. Deutsche Presse-Agentur. 10 November 2008
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