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Today's climate change news from around the world
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Water agencies debate desalination. Is it time to stick a straw into the Pacific Ocean? About 20 water agencies up and down the California coast seem to think so. San Francisco Chronicle. 15 February 2009
Obama ready to tap offshore oil, wind power. Just weeks into his presidency, President Barack Obama has moved right past the should-we-drill-offshore question and plunged into a new debate about how best to tap resources on the Outer Continental Shelf. McClatchy Newspapers. 15 February 2009
Arctic fishing ban report places pressure on Canada. A U.S. report urging a moratorium on Arctic Ocean fisheries north of Alaska is putting pressure on Canada to produce its own sustainable strategy for managing what scientists believe could become a major new resource in the polar region's warming waters. Canwest News Service. 15 February 2009
Builders see value in energy legislation. Roger Stevenson, president of the Calaveras County Builders Association, is frustrated he hasn't been able to get Calaveras County officials to adopt a state law that he says could put contractors like him to work installing energy-efficiency improvements on area homes. Stockton Record. 15 February 2009
U.S., Canada share views on climate change, Prentice says. Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice says his government and that of U.S. President Barack Obama share common principles on fighting climate change that will go a long way toward working out a North American environmental accord. Canadian Press. 15 February 2009
Prentice says environment and energy issues linked for Canada, U.S. Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice says he’s optimistic Canada and the U.S. can forge a climate-change policy that’s good for both countries. Canwest News Service. 15 February 2009
Al Gore urges scientists to exert influence on climate crisis. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore on Friday urged scientists to exert influence on global climate change, in a special address in Chicago. Xinhua News Agency. 15 February 2009
Does stimulus package keep green goals in sight? The package will pump billions of dollars into environmentally friendly programs, but it won't forge the major changes necessary to fight climate change and wean the U.S. from imported oil. And some provisions could make it harder to reach those goals. All Things Considered. 14 February 2009
Court denies reviews of mine permits. For the fourth time in eight years, a federal appeals court has overturned a court ruling that would have required more thorough permit reviews of mountaintop removal coal-mining operations. Charleston Gazette. 14 February 2009
Tree-huggers v nerds. Although no big environmental group is unconcerned with global warming, they view the threat in different ways. The divide is between those who fret about measurable changes in greenhouse-gas emissions and those who worry more about harm to natural habitats--whether caused by global warming or not. Economist. 14 February 2009
Staking claim to the Arctic top priority for Russia, envoy says. Russia will modernize its icebreaker fleet and station more researchers in the Arctic to help stake its claim to the vast resources of the disputed polar region that is believed to contain huge oil and gas reserves, a presidential envoy said Thursday. Associated Press. 14 February 2009
Clinton takes on China. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on her way to China. It's her first trip overseas as the top U.S diplomat and near the top of her agenda is climate change. Living On Earth. 14 February 2009
'CO2 reduction treaties useless.' A new report says international treaties aimed at reducing CO2 emissions are useless. "The existing Kyoto Protocol has, to date, been a near total failure, with emissions levels continuing to rise substantially," the authors of the report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers say. BBC. 14 February 2009
Scientists celebrate dawn of Barack Obama's age of reason. The 175th conference of the world's largest science society has been a coming-out party for American scientists after eight years in which they have felt marginalised and ignored by the Bush administration. London Times. 14 February 2009
U.N. climate chief calls for big CO2 cuts. Japan needs to move beyond simply showing leadership and come up with ambitious targets on cutting its carbon gas emissions, U.N. climate chief Yvo de Boer said Friday. Japan Times. 14 February 2009
Clinton vows to deepen US bonds with Asia. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged Friday that climate change would be a key topic on her her first foreign tour of Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and China, particularly with China's rapid industrial growth. Agence France-Presse. 14 February 2009
UN climate chief praises new US administration. The U.N. climate chief praised President Barack Obama's pledge to tackle global warming and expressed hope Friday that the U.S. policy shift would boost chances for a new international agreement on cutting emissions of greenhouse gases. Associated Press. 14 February 2009
Clinton tries to build US-China climate pact. Hillary Clinton hopes to recruit China as a partner in American efforts to reduce global warming when she embarks on her first trip as secretary of state with a seven-day tour through Asia this week. London Guardian. 14 February 2009
Energy in Hollywood’s lineup on Capitol Hill. When former Texas oil executives Bush and Cheney stepped off the national stage last month, American energy policy took a giant leap from Houston to Hollywood. Houston Chronicle. 14 February 2009
Texas' image may hurt its place at national energy regulation table. Texas should be a shining example to the world of how to harness market forces to cut pollution. Instead, according to policymakers at an energy conference Friday, people still think of the state as a big polluter and oil promoter. Dallas Morning News. 14 February 2009
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