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Sea Level Rise

Kiribati Islanders seek land to buy as rising seas threaten. Kiribati, a Pacific island-nation in danger of being submerged because of global warming, may purchase land elsewhere to relocate its people, President Anote Tong said. Bloomberg News. 09 February 2009
Polar ice caps melting faster. The ice caps are melting so fast that the world’s oceans are rising more than twice as fast as they were in the 1970s, scientists have found. London Times. 08 February 2009
OSU prof cites gravity factor in Antarctic ice melt. Oregon will likely be one of the hardest hit areas as sea levels rise from melting glaciers caused by global warming, warns OSU Geosciences professor Peter Clark. Coastal communities now at sea level could be submerged, and even Portland could be affected, he said. Portland KGW. 07 February 2009
Sea levels would rise unevenly as ice sheet melts, study says. The collapse of the massive ice sheet covering West Antarctica has always been a nightmare scenario of global warming. But a Canadian-led research team has made an unusual discovery about what will happen if the ice melts: Not all coastlines would be affected equally. Toronto Globe and Mail. 06 February 2009
Scientists warn of acid's corrosive effect on shellfish. Experts at a symposium on climate change testified yesterday to a number of scenarios that could strike Massachusetts as oceans rise and warm, but one stood out. Cape Cod Times. 06 February 2009
Fish-dependent countries face climate change threat: study. Climate change poses a grave threat to dozens of countries where people depend on fish for food, according to a study published Friday that said catches are imperilled by coastal storms and damage to coral reefs. Agence France-Presse. 06 February 2009
Antarctic ice sheet collapse may swamp U.S. coasts. North America's coastlines would be hit especially hard by rising sea levels if the huge West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapses and melts in a warming world as some experts fear, scientists said on Thursday. Reuters. 06 February 2009
Climate change to hit Africa fisheries hard: study. African nations will be the most vulnerable to the impact of climate change on fisheries, ranging from damage to coral reefs to more severe river floods, according to a study of 132 nations on Thursday. Reuters. 06 February 2009
New study suggests rise in sea levels from global warming may be worse than expected. Long-term sea level increases that could have a devastating effect on southern Florida and highly populated coastal areas may be even larger than once thought, a report suggests. Associated Press. 06 February 2009
More of North America may face flooding from Antarctic ice sheet melt: study. Cities on the east and west coasts of North America will face even greater flooding if a massive Antarctic sheet melts completely, according to a new study that claims the rate of sea level rise is higher than previously thought. Canadian Press. 06 February 2009
The sea-level fingerprint of West Antarctic collapse. There is widespread concern that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet may be prone to collapse in a warming world. The recent Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC estimated that this collapse would lead to a sea-level rise of ~5 m. Science. 06 February 2009
Ice collapse 'could raise sea levels 20 feet' Global warming could lead to sea level rises of more than 20 feet -- far higher than current estimates, and enough to swamp densely populated coastlines of north America and Europe, say scientists. Dublin Irish Independent. 06 February 2009
Antarctic bulge could flood Washington DC. Rather than spreading out evenly across all the oceans, water from melted Antarctic ice sheets will gather around North America and the Indian Ocean. That's bad news for the US East Coast, which could bear the brunt of one of these oceanic bulges. New Scientist. 06 February 2009
First deep sea observatory studies climate change. The so-called Eye-in-the-Sea camera would be added to the first observatory operating in deep sea water and become part of a new kind of scientific exploration to assess the impacts of climate change on marine life. Associated Press. 05 February 2009
Rising sea salinates India's Ganges. Rising sea levels are causing salt water to flow into India's biggest river, threatening its ecosystem and turning vast farmlands barren in the country's east, a climate change expert warned. Reuters. 02 February 2009
The Maldives: Trouble in paradise. Rising seas are threatening to engulf the Maldives, so the president wants to buy a new homeland for his people. But is it really feasible for an entire country to relocate itself to higher land? London Times. 01 February 2009
A hotter, drier, smaller island. When the UN climate panel projected a top world sea level rise of 18 cm by 2100 it did not factor in the accelerating effect of warmer oceans on the polar caps. Valletta Times. 01 February 2009
Will US follow Maryland's green lead? The impact of global warming is hard to ignore - rising sea levels are contributing to massive erosion, threatening Maryland's 3,000 miles of coastline. BBC. 30 January 2009
Where warming hits hard. Threatened with encroaching seas, dwindling water supplies and fiercer storms, Bangladesh is already suffering the ill effects of rising global greenhouse gas emissions. Nature. 28 January 2009
Sea level along China's coast to rise 0.13 meter in 30 years. The sea level along China's coastal areas will rise 0.13 meter in the next three decades, according to a report by the State Oceanic Administration. Xinhua News Agency. 28 January 2009
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